Copy Trader

The FXBitCopy System is available to both Strategy Providers and Followers who have joined FXBitCopy. Providers can open an FXBitCopy Account aiming to build their portfolio of Followers and trade in exchange of a Performance Fee, as high as 50%. Followers, will have the opportunity to start copying the trades of their selected provider.


A powerful solution which
automates trading

Full control of your

Performance fees for
mutual benefits

Diverse trading

Strategy Providers
Join, Plan, Trade

Qualify as a Strategy Provider and show off your skills in exchange of a Performance Fee up to as high as 50%.

  • Open an account and get approved
  • Show off your strategy and gain followers
  • Be rewarded for every successful trade
  • Build your own portfolio

Choose, follow, monitor

Access the vibrant trading world by signing up under a Strategy Provider and following any strategy you wish.

  • Invest funds under a Strategy Provider
  • Copy trades, and open and close as you desire
  • Monitor, deposit and withdraw at any time
Account Details
  • Trading Platform:
  • Spreads:
  • Trading Instruments::
  • Maximum Leverage:
  • Execution:
  • Minimum opening deposit:
  • Minimum trade size:
  • Trade size increment:
  • Maximum Simultaneous Open Orders:
  • Margin Call / Stop out level:
  • Account Currency:
  • Performance fee:
* Leverage may be adjusted in case the equity in the account is over $300,000.
** Available for MetaTrader 4 only.